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    Cornerstone House of Deliverance began its mission in the hearts of Senior Pastors Jorge and Ida Rivera, accompanied by their daughter. Even though the mission statement had not been proposed, they were on a mission to save the lost at any and all cost. After much prayer and supplication, the Lord opened a door for a small congregation to unite behind a restaurant building in Weslaco, Texas off of old 83.


    Within the year, the number of members began to increase, and with the success, there was not enough space to fit all those who were uniting to worship and glorify the name of Jesus. Once again, with much prayer and supplication, the Lord opened a door for an unoccupied building to be utilized and dedicated as a house of worship for the Lord. The location was almost centralized to the city, but most importantly, there was more room for the church to continue growing.


    Little did the small congregation know, that there was a visionary and prayer warrior in which had previously seen the building; and proclaimed it as the future location of Cornerstone House of Deliverance. The building was bigger, fitted with enough rooms for Sunday school classes, and a perfect area to build a sanctuary for the place of worship.


    After many long days and hard worked hours, the building began to take its shape and form; the future location of Cornerstone House of Deliverance was becoming ready for what the Lord had in store.


    Cornerstone since then, has relocated to a more centralized location of Weslaco. For now, this location is where Cornerstone House of Deliverance is available to all and is also the place of where the hand of God is moving, transforming, and continues to restore visions and dreams. Our elders' prayers and blessings are still continuing to unfold on a daily basis as we continue to keep God the center of our lives, and the focus of our church. 


    Today, the mission continues to save the lost at any and all cost. We are a people willing to bring all to the feet of Christ, to repent, to be transformed, to be delivered, to be baptized, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.


Cornerstone House of Deliverance,

humbly welcomes you, your family, and friends to the dwelling place of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Come Expecting.

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